How our partners help

We’ve partnered with five best-in-class adviser tools that share our mission to support advisers with the best resources to deliver good client outcomes. We hand-picked each of our partners as having a positive de-risking impact on PII and firms that use these tools will score favourably in our premium rating process.

Interested in learning more about how our partners can help your business? Read more below:


Analyser is a software platform that helps financial advisers and planners to deliver better outcomes for their clients. It does this by providing a range of tools that help advice firms to analyse their clients’ financial situation, and then to make recommendations based on their needs.

What EV Pro does

EV is one of the UK’s market-leading digital financial planning solutions providers. Connecting and empowering their intermediary financial partners with intuitive, customer-centric advice and guidance software and investment solutions, EV has an impressive track record in developing engaging tools designed to help financial advisers and their clients navigate the complexities of financial markets.


Fintegrate tackles crucial laborious and time-consuming areas of the adviser firm’s planning process. By aligning with each firm’s Centralised Investment Proposition, Fintegrate’s intuitive financial planning technology eliminates disjointed advice processes, significantly reduces costs and business risk, and ensures the delivery of consistent client outcomes.

Model Office

Aimed at financial advisers, planners, wealth managers and banking organisations, Model Office uses continuing compliance-driven research and data to benchmark firms’ working environment against five regulatory keys – focus, engagement, promise, systems, people – that together demonstrate sustainable and professional good practice.

Money Alive

Money Alive is a ground-breaking UK-based technology company that has developed advanced Interactive Video Engagement products for the financial services market. The company’s products drive, evidence and ensure the consistency of consumer engagement and understanding – important key principles of Consumer Duty.

Consumer Duty Alliance